Ange O'Connor

Relationship Counsellor
Sevens Creek Psychology



Ange is passionate about the significance that relationships have in our lives, whether it is with friends, families, even colleagues and believes that healthy relationships are paramount for healthy minds and overall wellbeing. Ange understands that relationships require nurturing in order to maintain harmony in our lives. From birth to end of life, our life journey presents challenges in our relationships with others within social, employment and family contexts. Ange also has a keen interest in working with families affected by eating disorders. Her website can be accessed at

Style of work

Key skills

  • Friendly and warm approach
  • Client focused, professional and respectful
  • Providing Clinical Supervision to professionals inthe counselling, mediation and community services sectors


Ange integrates family therapy models that encourage open and honest conversations about problems affecting families and relationships. Family structures, power dynamics may also be explored in Family Therapy. Family therapy can also be helpful for individuals and couples, depending on the issues. For example, if an individual’s mental health is suffering due to a relationship problem then a Family Therapy approach can help.


Prior experience

Ange has over 15 years’ experience providing case management, mediation, and counselling to families, individuals, couples and children.


  • Graduate Certificate in Mental Health
  • Graduate Diploma of Family Dispute Resolution
  • Diploma of Family Therapy
  • Diploma of Community Welfare Work


  • Registered with the Attorney General’s Department
  • Australian Association of Family Therapy



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