Sevens Creek Psychology work closely with schools and organisations to support local community members of all ages.
The Sevens Creek Psychology building and trees
Dr Kate Reid talking to a young lady at Sevens Creek Psychology in Euroa
We tailor treatment plans and work closely with organisations and schools to facilitate outcomes for individuals, students and staff.

Who we help

We support rural and regional schools throughout North East Victoria and the Goulburn Valley. We also work with health and well-being, adult mental health and child protection organisations.

How we help

We work with you to provide support to students and staff. When possible, we provide resources, present workshops, and attend care team meetings to enhance outcomes for our clients.

A community initiative helping children in need to access health services

About the program

Happy Healthy Kids Euroa is a community initiative between the local schools, Euroa Medical Family Practice, Paediatrician Patrick Stark, and Sevens Creek Psychology.

We provide a school-based clinic for at-risk students to help them access timely mental health support. Provisional psychologists completing placements at Sevens Creek Psychology spend 1 day per week in schools providing services to the children, young people, parents, and staff.

Funding has generously been provided by the Euroa community and Euroa Rotary, and through grants accessed by Euroa Medical Family Practice.

Program goals

Children and families

Children who might otherwise miss out on services due to costs, travel, or waiting lists are seen at school by a provisional psychologist and where necessary, a paediatrician. Parents are involved and provided with information to help their child at home.

Workforce development

The program enables the education and development of a future workforce of psychologists with a specific focus on rural mental health care. We hope to continue building this much-needed specialist workforce in regional Victoria.


Students are seen at school to maximise attendance and help transfer the benefits of therapy to the school environment. Teachers are supported to help the child with their mental health needs at school.


Provisional psychologists are supervised by Clinical Psychologist Dr Kate Reid, gaining valuable experience of a range of client ages, presentations, and therapeutic needs in a rural setting.

What services are available?

Provisional psychologists provide assessment and individual therapy for children who are referred to this program. Sometimes additional services or access to a psychologist is provided too.

How to get involved?

Referrals to this program are through your school welfare team and GP. Access to this free service is coordinated by an advisory group.

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