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Specialist master's student placements in rural Victoria
Sevens Creek Psychology, Euroa, Victoria
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Job description

These placements offer the opportunity for students to gain valuable experience of a range of client ages, presentations, and therapeutic needs in a rural setting. You will learn more about biopsychosocial assessment and formulation as well as treatment in key therapeutic modalities. You will have opportunities for intensive and independent work and multidisciplinary collaboration.

We encourage applications from provisional psychologists who are considering working in rural settings, or who are interested in supporting rural populations. 

Placements are 2 (occasionally 3) days per week. This usually equates to 40-50 days of placement or 300-350 hours. 

Students will be based with a primary Supervisor who is a Clinical Psychologist endorsed for supervision with AHPRA in the Clinical Psychology stream. The placement involves 1 day per week in a local school, where students provide services as part of the Happy Healthy Kids Euroa community initiative. 

Students receive approximately 1 hour of supervision per day of placement. This may be formal 1:1 or group supervision or ‘informal’ supervision, which includes observation, clinical case discussion, and case review.  

Financial Support: students may be eligible for up to $4500 Bursary from the University of Melbourne, Going Rural Health Team, to help with the costs of attending a rural placement.


Tasks and responsibilities

Each student will:  

  • Work a typical 9 am to 5 pm day  
  • See 2-4 clients per day - adults, adolescents or children - depending on the placement and what stage the student is at
  • See a client in shared sessions with Supervisor
  •      this involves observation of the Supervisor at the start of placement
  •      can incorporate co-therapy
  •      can make space for the Supervisor to directly observe the student’s work
  • Video record some sessions for the Supervisor to review in Supervision  
  • Prepare for and attend 1 hour individual supervision with Supervisor/week 
  • May attend another hour of informal or group supervision, or multidisciplinary case conferencing/week

Students might also:  

  • co-facilitate a group intervention with Supervisor or another Psychologist  
  • liaise with families/parents; teachers; multidisciplinary professionals 
  • support the practice with other clinically relevant tasks.  

Students will have administrative support on site to assist with booking clients, attending to referrals and other required documentation, orientation to the service, support with day today service provision.  

Qualifications and experience

Students must be enrolled in a Masters of Psychology course at an Australian University.

Students seeking their final placement will be at an advantage, as will students with a specific interest in rural psychology.

We are seeking students with some experience in the field who will be able to work independently and use initiative to provide the best care possible for our clients.

Provisional psychologists must abide by the ethical demands of our profession and be provisionally registered with AHPRA.


As well as supportive administration, we provide a friendly, dynamic environment in which to spread your wings as a provisional psychologist.

The rural environment is quiet, safe, peaceful, and friendly providing relaxation and sporting opportunities in some of Victoria’s most scenic locations.


Euroa has the best of both worlds, being within 2 hours of Melbourne and having our own wineries, cafes, and lively shopping and recreation industries. Some of rural Victoria’s best schools are within reach and property prices are very reasonable.

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