Sarah Osborne

Provisional Psychologist
Sevens Creek Psychology



Sarah is a Provisional Psychologist in her final year of her Master of Clinical Psychology at ISN Psychology. Sarah is dedicated to enhancing mental health access in regional and rural communities, with a career goal in supporting and making a difference for individuals living across a range of populations.

Style of work

Key skills

  • Very active and loves being involved in the community
  • Strong interpersonal skills and teamwork skills
  • Very good communication
  • Passionate and energetic in her work


Sarah aims to build rapport and trust with her clients through her bright personality and caring nature. She has a strong passion to make a difference and desire to learn, and believes that these are driving factors in her dedicated and hardworking approach. With a focus on helping youth and adolescents, Sarah brings experience in diagnosing ADHD and ASD. She primarily uses Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), and her structured interventions aim to foster self-confidence, compassion and cognitive-emotional flexibility through a range of skills and strategies.


Prior experience

  • Currently completing a master of Professional Psychology at Victoria University
  • Has completed a Bachelor of Psychology (honours) at Victoria University
  • Works as the Wellbeing Coordinator for the Murray Bushrangers (AFL)
  • Has volunteered as the Participant Wellbeing Assistant with Racing Victoria.





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